anthony cardle



UI/UX and brand identity

for Rooster app


This project was submitted to the 'Sleep Well' brief for the 2017 RSA Student Design Awards.

Sleep inertia is the groggy feeling we get after you wake up and is the result of being woken up suddenly during REM sleep. The parts of your brain that control decision making and awareness are still asleep even though you are physically awake. This feeling can last from 30 minutes to as long as 4 hours. So, you could potentially be driving to work or making important decisions in the morning and parts of your brain will still be asleep!

The issue with regular alarm clocks is that they don’t know what sleep stage you are in when they wake you up. The optimal sleep stages to wake up at are stages 1 and 2. Statistically, there is an 89% chance that you will be woken up during REM sleep if you use a regular fixed-time alarm clock. 

Rooster is a mobile application that works together with a heart rate monitor to pin point your optimal wake up time based on your heart rate. Simply set a wake-up window around the time you wake up and Rooster will gently bring you round during sleep stages 1 or 2. You will wake up feeling fresh, energised and ready to start the day right. 


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